Landlords who live outside of England, Scotland and Wales or 200 miles or more from their rental property in Wales are required to appoint a local* agent unless they have a locally based* staff member, formally employed on a contract of service.

Appointing an agent does not preclude the landlord from also holding a licence if they wish to also carry out letting and management activities.

Your licensed agent can be a high street letting and management agency, or an individual such as a family member or friend as long as they obtain a licence from Rent Smart Wales. However they are required to be local* to the property i.e. reside in England, Scotland or Wales and within 200 miles of the rental property.

If your licensed agent is a family member (As defined by the Housing Act 2004 -Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather, Grandmother, step-relatives and relatives-by-law) they will pay the landlord licence application fee.

Please note that appointing an unlicensed agent is an offence. Click here to access the Public Register to check if an agent is licensed with Rent Smart Wales.

Rent Smart Wales can issue your landlord licence before you appoint a local* agent or employee, but your licence will have a condition on it specifying that you must appoint a licensed local* agent or employ a locally* based member of staff to assist in the management of the rental properties within 8 weeks of the licence being granted.

*locally based / local means somebody who lives in England, Scotland or Wales and is within 200 miles (i.e. less than) of the rental property.

**the mileage is calculated through the use of Google maps using the shortest distance calculator. The mode of transport considered is by car and the time the route will take between the licensee’s home or business address and the rental property at the furthest distance must be reasonable and viable.

This article is written and published by Rent Smart Wales

Webb & James is a fully licensed agent with Rent Smart Wales. Our license can be seen here. Please get in touch if you have a property in Wales and need a licensed agent to help you manage it and stay compliant.

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