With more and more landlords transferring management of their Forest of Dean rental properties to Webb and James, we have made the process reassuringly simple. 

Changing agents can be a daunting process which is why many landlords accept poor service from their current agent. Like bank accounts, it seems to many that ‘better the devil you know’. We are here to reassure you Webb and James offer a top-notch lettings service and that switchig to us can be a hassle-free process.

You do not have to wait for your tenants to vacate

In fact, you can change agents and keep the current tenants. We can arrange a seamless switchover of rental payments, contracts and all documentation - no matter how long your tenants have left on their tenancy. We wll even review the rent levels and ensure you are getting the best yield possible.

Enjoy complete peace of mind

As part of our switching process, our professionally qualified staff carry out a full compliance audit of all your lettings paperwork. Documents are amended or reissued as required so you can relax knowing you have fulfilled all your legal obligations.

Experience transparency and control with the Webb & James Portal

We will set you up on our Webb & James portal so you can log-in at any time to monitor and feedback on all the latest property and tenancy activity.

Typically, switching management to us takes just 7 days – or we can arrange a preferred date to suit.

Please contact Katie on 01432 803900 or katie@webbandjames.co.uk

Our switching process:

You will need to:

  • Find out how much, if any, notice you are required to give to your agent in order to end your your current agreement. It is usually one or two months notice. You will need to give the required notice in writing to terminate your agreement. If you need our simple e-mail or letter template or any advice regarding this, then please contact us.

We will then:

  • Obtain your current tenants' details and set up a meeting to introduce ourselves and issue a Webb & James Welcome pack.
  • Collect the property and tenancy-related paperwork, including safety certificates, tenancy agreements, deposit confirmation, inventory and inspection reports.
  • Send you our Terms of Business for you to complete and sign.
  • Set-up your Webb & James portal account.
  • Assign one member of our team to both you and your tenant who will be your contact throughout, allowing you to channel any queries you may have through one person.

That’s it - we're your new managing agent!

Recent feedback from landlords who have made the switch:

" I wish I had switched to Webb & James sooner. I feel I have finally found an agent that really works for me. I need a steady income from the property so they have allowed me to spread all the costs and the maintenance payments so that I never have a month where there is no rent coming in." Mr B, Ross-on-Wye

" I hesitated to change agents as I was concerned that it would be a lot of hassle. However, it was not only really easy, I am now achieving more for my property each month after a market rent review was carried out as part of the switching process. After experiencing the Webb & James service, I just don't think my previous agent was really working for us at all." Mrs Moore, Monmouth

" Switching agents was far easier than I imagined. They took care of everything and even re-issued some paperwork to bring it up to date. I am enjoying being 'in the loop' with the photos and videos uploaded to the portal so I can see for myself that the property is being looked after." Jan Hawcombe, Lydney

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